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Facelift Recovery – Things You Need To Know

A facelift, also referred to as a rhytidectomy, this surgical procedure can dramatically improve visible signs of aging brought on by the effects of gravity, tension and sun exposure. The process consists of removing excess and sagging skin, tightening underlying muscles or soft issue then re-draping the skin of the face and neck. It’s best to discuss your options and expectations with your plastic surgeon, but keep in mind that plastic surgeons are doctors, not magicians. So it will help to have a more realistic expectation.

Here’s what to expect after a facelift.facelift recovery

Expect to look worse before you appear much better. Don’t panic; this is regular. There will be swelling and bruising but this is only transient. As swelling and bruising fades, you’ll begin to determine the outcomes. It may help to use of apply cold compress for 72 hours as frequent as you can to minimize swelling.

Keep your head elevated at all time with 2 pillow at bed time for two to three days to minimize the pressure at your head area. This will also help minimize swelling and speed up recovery. Do not underestimate the significance of head elevation. It’ll reduce your facelift recovery time significantly. Failure to do so might prolong recovery and might create anxiety for patients.

Following surgery your whole head will probably be bandaged. The bandage may really feel tight at first because it is meant to apply an even pressure for your face, neck and head to reduce bruising and swelling. The bandages are generally removed after a day or two following surgery.

You might shower and shampoo after the dressings are removed on the 3rd or 4th day after surgery.

You might feel some tightness and numbness in your face and neck. This tightness generally resolves after two months. The feeling of tightness is generally because of swelling. Because the swelling goes down, your skin will loosen after which stabilize. Don’t be alarmed that the facelift didn’t work. It is regular for the face to appear less wrinkled initially following surgery because of swelling. Numbness may persist for a number of patients for months and but this will gradually improve and normalize.

Its good to discuss any concerns after surgery with your surgeon so that you may know if what you have is expected or normal or if there is something that needs to be done or address. Having an open line of communication with your surgeon may alleviate you of anxiety.


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Rhinoplasty – Nose Enhancement Procedure in the Philippines

There are several material used in cosmetic rhinoplasty. Patients and doctors have the option to choose between alloplastic and autogeneous material. Among the alloplastic material used in nose surgery are as follows: Silicon, Goretex, Medpore. While for autogeneous material patients may choose from; cartilage and bone. All these material has its pros and cons. Its best to discuss thoroughly your plans and expectation with your surgeon so that you may know which implant is best for you.

For patients planning for nose enhancement procedure, it will be nice if you have your nose profile thoroughly evaluated by a nose surgeon.  Well, it would be nice if can send photos of your face and nose (front and side view) so that it can be evaluate to be able to determine and plan the right procedure/s for your nose that will attain the result you want. There are several types of rhinoplasty or nose job procedures to choose from depending on the concern/s of the patient or results they want.

For the choice of implant you may choose between goretex or silicon nasal implant. For the goretex implant, in terms of results gortex implant have a more natural outcome or result. Silicon implant gives a sharp and high profile. Gortex implant is one of the newest implant material used in cosmetic rhinoplasty, this is a porous implant material the stimulate tissue ingorwth. The main advantage that gortex implant has is tissue incorporation and it can resist or withstand infection better. Gortex implant once inserted under the skin to enhance the definition and height of your nasal bridge, it will stimulate your own tissue to grow within the implant. Thus the implant will be replace with you own tissues. Taking this into consideration, gortex implant can withstand infection better than silicon implants. It is not true that goretex implant cannot be removed after it had been inserted. In my practice I had remove goretex implant from some patients that had been done in other country. So rest assure that goretex implant can be removed.

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Brazilian Butt Lift in the Philippines

The gluteal area is one of the most commonly enhanced areas of the body next to the breast. Gluteal fullness, with smooth sloping contour is ideal and pleasing to the eye. The gluteal contour and volume is best enhanced by a butt augmentation procedure. The procedure would result in a round, more firmly shaped buttock area. Gluteal augmentation can be performed with the use of gluteal implant to improve gluteal size and contour. Patients who frequently request for a gluteal augmentation procedure are those with a butt that has inadequate volume and a flat contour. This procedure is not ideal for a patient who has sagging gluteal skin, which is best addressed by a butt lift surgery. butt augmentation

Gluteal implants, or commonly referred to as buttock or butt implants, are either a soft or solid silicone block or silicone shell containing cohesive silicone gel. Both types of implant are safe. They do not cause any allergic or toxic reaction to the body, can be sterilized, do not induce any soft tissue disease or malignant transformation, and can be removed easily when indicated. These implants are often used for augmentation or enlargement surgery of the buttock region and occasionally for gluteal reconstruction in treatment of asymmetry. Implants are placed in a pocket created either beneath the fascial covering of the gluteal muscle or within the muscle. Both implantation sites are well tolerated by the body and have very predictable and pleasing outcome or results.

To know more about your buttocks augmentation procedure, it would be best to consult your surgeon, so that you may know all your options.

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