Brazilian Butt Lift in the Philippines

The gluteal area is one of the most commonly enhanced areas of the body next to the breast. Gluteal fullness, with smooth sloping contour is ideal and pleasing to the eye. The gluteal contour and volume is best enhanced by a butt augmentation procedure. The procedure would result in a round, more firmly shaped buttock area. Gluteal augmentation can be performed with the use of gluteal implant to improve gluteal size and contour. Patients who frequently request for a gluteal augmentation procedure are those with a butt that has inadequate volume and a flat contour. This procedure is not ideal for a patient who has sagging gluteal skin, which is best addressed by a butt lift surgery. butt augmentation

Gluteal implants, or commonly referred to as buttock or butt implants, are either a soft or solid silicone block or silicone shell containing cohesive silicone gel. Both types of implant are safe. They do not cause any allergic or toxic reaction to the body, can be sterilized, do not induce any soft tissue disease or malignant transformation, and can be removed easily when indicated. These implants are often used for augmentation or enlargement surgery of the buttock region and occasionally for gluteal reconstruction in treatment of asymmetry. Implants are placed in a pocket created either beneath the fascial covering of the gluteal muscle or within the muscle. Both implantation sites are well tolerated by the body and have very predictable and pleasing outcome or results.

To know more about your buttocks augmentation procedure, it would be best to consult your surgeon, so that you may know all your options.

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