Rhinoplasty – Nose Enhancement Procedure in the Philippines

There are several material used in cosmetic rhinoplasty. Patients and doctors have the option to choose between alloplastic and autogeneous material. Among the alloplastic material used in nose surgery are as follows: Silicon, Goretex, Medpore. While for autogeneous material patients may choose from; cartilage and bone. All these material has its pros and cons. Its best to discuss thoroughly your plans and expectation with your surgeon so that you may know which implant is best for you.

For patients planning for nose enhancement procedure, it will be nice if you have your nose profile thoroughly evaluated by a nose surgeon.  Well, it would be nice if can send photos of your face and nose (front and side view) so that it can be evaluate to be able to determine and plan the right procedure/s for your nose that will attain the result you want. There are several types of rhinoplasty or nose job procedures to choose from depending on the concern/s of the patient or results they want.

For the choice of implant you may choose between goretex or silicon nasal implant. For the goretex implant, in terms of results gortex implant have a more natural outcome or result. Silicon implant gives a sharp and high profile. Gortex implant is one of the newest implant material used in cosmetic rhinoplasty, this is a porous implant material the stimulate tissue ingorwth. The main advantage that gortex implant has is tissue incorporation and it can resist or withstand infection better. Gortex implant once inserted under the skin to enhance the definition and height of your nasal bridge, it will stimulate your own tissue to grow within the implant. Thus the implant will be replace with you own tissues. Taking this into consideration, gortex implant can withstand infection better than silicon implants. It is not true that goretex implant cannot be removed after it had been inserted. In my practice I had remove goretex implant from some patients that had been done in other country. So rest assure that goretex implant can be removed.

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