Buttock Implants – Important Things You Need To Know About Buttocks Augmentation

The buttock area is not easily shaped by traditional weight lifting or diet plan. If you are sick and tired of a flat and saggy buttock, then people tent to be more focus about gluteal area and consider having buttock augmentation or buttock implants. The result of buttocks augmentation is immediately noticeable after surgery. The only set-back for most individuals to go for this implant is finances and time. buttocks augmentation

Buttock implants or buttock augmentation is a procedure performed by a team of well trained and board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons by putting a soft solid or cohesive gel silicone implants. The outcome is to produce a firm and round buttock with prominent slope and well defined body.

During surgery, the buttocks implants are placed in locations in between the muscle of the gluteal area. That will hold the implant in place during recovery. The implant is inserter into the gluteal muscle through a short incision along the fold between the gluteal cheek. The implant is place in a pocket created between your gluteal muscle that will hold the implant in place and prevent its movement. Because the buttock is a primary body part that does a great deal of sitting, walking and other movements, the recovery may be more painful as in comparison with other cosmetic surgery and also the time taken to recover will also be longer. Pain killers or combination of pain medication will be prescribed to patients undergoing this surgery and by one week’s time, patients will be in a position to move around, walk and sit by the side.

The outcome is almost instant because it can be noticed correct following the surgery. However, the muscle and also the new implants require time to settle down and also the complete impact of this surgery might only be felt 6 to 8 months after the surgery. Generally patients can go back to their regular function schedule i.e. cycling, operating and aerobics four weeks after the surgery.  Another method of enhancing the gluteal or buttocks area is by fat injection. To be an ideal candidate for this procedure(butt augmentation with fat injection) patients must be in good physical health, non smoker and with adequate fatdeposit at either the abdomen, arms, back or thigh from which the fats is harvested and use for butt augmentation. The fats after aspiration are then processed into pure form prior to injection into the gluteal muscle. The main draw back with this technique is the propensity of fat to be absorb by the body. However, in order to avoid this(fat resorption) the fats are injected into the gluteal muscle. The muscle will provide the fat cells better blood supply and nourishment thus better survival. With this absorption rate is lowered to negligible level.

After surgery, you might need somebody to stay with you for the very first couple of days following the process. Usually this really is the most tough time as you may still feel the discomfort and are presently adjusting towards the new buttock. An assistant is required to get out from bed, somebody to cook for you and help you towards the toilet. Do get someone more than for your place to assist you. As soon as the dressing (placed during the surgery) is taken off two to three days after the surgery, you are able to then go to shower and do some regular activities.

Buttock implants is ofcourse not without risk. Just like any other surgery, the possibility of infections is still there. The buttock implant procedure is not simple and it’s extremely important that you discover a great and skilled surgeon. Do check if they’ve performed any of this surgery and how often they do this.

Choosing a good surgeon is essential as a poorly carried out surgery might provide you with a poor searching buttock. This will be disaster in the event you wind up with a poorly constructed buttock following painstakingly going via the buttock implants process. Do take your time and discuss together with your surgeons. Don’t rush into it and after talking to a few physicians, you’ll have a firm idea on the procedure and the danger involve. By then, you’ll be able to choose a great surgeon for the nice firm buttock.


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