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Silicone Vs. Gore-Tex Implant for Rhinoplasty: Which one is Better?

For some individuals, self confidence is linked to liking one’s self. This implies that one can like himself/herself in the event that he/she feels lovely about it. Others may allude to it as vanity. However, for a lot of people, they want to have beautiful physical qualities.

One of the most recognizes a cosmetic surgery is rhinoplasty or nose surgery. Getting a rhinoplasty in the Philippines is not a Imagechoice that might be or ought to be surged into. Essentially, being just disappointed with how your regular nose looks and promptly choosing to get it enhanced is not how it is all about. There are great deals of things that you have to think before you go for it. There are the sensible objectives you will set, picking the right surgeon, getting ready for the surgery and the recuperation period. Likewise, you need to have a lot of learning and researching involved before undergoing the procedure. 

In the event that you are among those who have just begun their exploration, you may have run over on information about surgeons utilizing various types of implants to make better-looking nose. Terms like silicone implants and Gore-Tex that are utilized by rhinoplasty specialists. However the question is, which one best suits your objective?

In the Philippines, there are two famous implants being utilized by rhinoplasty surgeons, they are the Gore-Tex and Silicone implants. Your surgeon will examine the benefits and the possible risk involved in utilizing which implants in full details and the choice is left to you. Here are some data beneficial for those who want to have said implants.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants are one of the most widely recognized materials utilized for reconstructive rhinoplasty. This is particularly true around Asians who wants to improve their nasal bridge and add definition to the nasal tip. It utilizes a manufactured material, which is uniquely fit and embedded over the skeletal annex. There are distinctive shapes and sizes depending upon the length and width of the patient’s nose. Anyhow, the most widely recognized shapes are the L-shape and I-shape. It generally comes with form, yet your surgeon can trim and shape them with consideration to the shape and size of the new nose you want to have.

The L-shape is ordinarily used to add stature to the nose bridge and offer definition to the nose tip. While the I-shape is utilized to upgrade the nasal bridge only and has limited scope to the nasal tip range. Silicone implants are generally utilized as the most recognized material of selection on the grounds that it can easily be inserted on the skin and it is easy to transfer on the off chance that problems may emerge.

On the other hand, one of the best hindrances for this sort of material is that in the light of the fact that it is made of hard material, mostly also looks unnatural, particularly in the hands of unpracticed surgeon. Additionally, it pushes weight on the skin, which eventually stretches it until it becomes thin and the silicone getting noticeable. This is particularly the case if this sort of material is utilized for Caucasians. Then again, this case is less likely to happen around Asians in light of the fact that they mostly have thicker skin.


Different concerns with silicone implants are that it might be inclined to contamination, annihilation of the columella and tissue embodiment, which can come about to malposition of the implant. When infection started and the implant is not instantly transferred, it might additionally cause to scars.


Gore-Tex Implants


An alternate regular material used to improve the state of the nose is Gore-Tex Implants. It utilizes a material called extended polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE), which is generally utilized as a part of ski and outdoors equipments. Aside from rhinoplasty, the material is additionally used to fill facial lines, wrinkles, full up the lips and jaw and cheek enlargement.


The material is made out of malleable and permeable material, which permits tissue development. This implies that the new tissue development after the surgery will bind with the material and in the long run, become a part of the nasal structure. This prevents the likelihood of having a malposition, as the implants is safely joined and connected to the nasal structure.




Compare to silicone implants, Gore-tex implants are much less demanding to work with in the fact that it could be effortlessly fitted and inserted into the nose. As a result of its adaptability, it is much simpler to form and shape to your desired shape. It also resulted to a more natural and unnoticeable look, compared to the more structured look attained in silicone implants. Additionally, it can withstand compelling temperatures. You don’t need to stress over covering your new nose to a compelling chilly or hot temperature without harming it. It is more natural-looking and does not look fake compared with silicone implants.


Consultation to an Expert Surgeon


The decision on which material to use for your nose will rely upon the inclination of your surgeon, and additionally, to your safety and desired outcome. Between silicone and Gore-tex implants, cosmetic surgeons preferred to use the Gore-tex implants for the essential reason that it gives a more natural look on the nose done. It is tantamount to realize that the likelihood of contaminations, complications and possible risks should also be considered with regard to the materials being used by your surgeon.


A brilliant and safe result for your rhinoplasty relies enormously upon skills and expertise of your surgeon. That is the reason why it is as essential to know your surgeon as that of getting yourself instructed with the method itself. With a skilled and experienced surgeon and having the being knowledgeable to the method itself, will give you a nose that will improve your natural beauty and confidence.


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Facial Rejuvenation by Fat Grafting

As we age, our faces lose volume and together with it, signs of aging appear. Bags develop under the eyes, brows descend, jowls appear, cheeks drop and the most distressing, many wrinkles emerge. The effect of the loss in volume is comparable to a grape turning into a raisin. In order to restore the raisin from its original appearance, it must be inflated. Similarly, our face also needs volume to restore its youthful appearance. Here is where Fat Grafting comes in.  The technique’s greatest advantage is safety, as the product comes from your own stored fats. When your fat is harvested, there is usually more than enough to be used on your entire face. When correctly done, it will become permanent filler. 

facial fat graftFat grafting is quickly growing in popularity, not only because of safety but also, because this procedure is performed with basically no incisions. A patient will be put under mild sedation, and the procedure is performed in a sterile operating room. Generally, it takes two to three hours to complete and there will only be very little pain or discomfort involved in this procedure. The recovery period takes 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the patient’s ability to heal.

Your Personal Consultation

Your surgeon will discuss possible treatment with your facial fat grafts during your initial consultation.  He will tell you about the things that you need to do and how to prepare for your Facial Rejuvenation procedure using fat grafting technique. The consultation may also include the identification of the area to which fat will be taken and to what parts of your face it will be grafted. Your surgeon will also advice you to refrain from any activities that will slow down the absorption of fat in your face such as smoking, and if you are under any kind of medication, kindly let your surgeon know, for he may advise you to stop taking it.  In order to be equipped before the procedure, never hesitate to ask your surgeon anything that bothers you in undergoing the treatment.

The Procedure

The procedure involves both the donor area (where the fat is taken from) and the treatment area in your face (where it is being put). Usually, the donor site is the abdomen or buttocks. A local anesthetic will be given to the site where the fat will be removed. You might think that your surgeon could just use a syringe to suck out the fat from the donor site and use the same syringe to inject it in your face, but this is not done like that. The fat must first be treated to remove water, blood, oil and any damaged fat cells. Whole and healthy fat cells are best for this procedure. After suctioning out a little fat, your surgeon then spun this fat in a centrifuge or treated it in some other way to separate and remove damaged fat cells and excess fluids. The fat in the syringe (which looks like a yellowish liquid) is then injected in the treatment area of your face using a separate smaller hypodermic needle.

When the procedure is finished, you will be brought and be monitored in the recovery room until you are ready to be released. Most patients are released for about 2 hours after the procedure is finished. Your face may feel tender, tight and quite numb as the anesthesia wears off and your donor site may also feel sore. Though most patients after the procedure do not have too much discomfort or pain, it is not advisable for them to drive. If ever you experience unusual pain, call your surgeon immediately.

Recovery and What to Expect

Bruising and swelling are expected, but can be reduced by keeping your face elevated, refraining from strenuous activity and applying cold compress for three to five days or longer.   Five to 10 days of swelling is common. Predicting the viability of facial fat graft with a long term improvement is difficult, but it is sensible to think that 30 to 40 percent of the fat grafted survives. Significant results are observed three months after the procedure and could hopefully last three years or longer.  For ideal results, you should consider to have smaller facial fat grafting procedures performed about one to two more times in an eighteen month duration to get the best result. 





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