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Get That Six Pack You Always Dreamed of NOW!

In today’s severely competitive world, more and more men are seeking out cosmetic surgery to give them boost in their career. While many of them have undergone some of these procedures that women have embraced for years, they are doing these for different reasons.

In fact, significant portion of all cosmetic surgeries are performed on men each year. According to the latest statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there is an increase of 20% in the occurrence of cosmetic surgeries for men in the year 2012. Why is this so? The main reason is: no man would want to look old before his time.

There is practically no stigma surrounding male cosmetic surgery anymore and in fact, it is often encouraged by the patient’s wife, girlfriend or partner to those who may not want to undergo some surgery themselves. spl003338

Motivation for Surgery

Most men who find themselves back in dating again after a split or a divorce with their partner often want to re-establish their confidence and youthful appearance by undergoing cosmetic surgery. Men in this situation often seek Abdominal Etching or the Six Pack Surgery, especially if their body is not in shape especially their stomach. They are usually quite straightforward in their expressions as to why they want to have the surgery and confidence building and security in personal relationships are the reasons they gave in having the surgery.

Abdominal Etching or the Six-Pack Surgery

Perhaps you are one of many men who strive for those ever-desirable six-pack and eight-pack abs these days. Yet, tireless sit-ups and stomach crunches often don’t get the job done, no matter how disciplined you are in your workout. The truth is, it is very difficult to get rid of fat around the mid section, especially if you are not genetically blessed in the mid region to begin with. However, there is a great solution many men have turned to for more defined abs and that athletic six pack look.

Abdominal etching or the six-pack surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that contour and reshape your abdominal fat pad to provide you with a flatter stomach. This procedure removes some amount of fat around your natural muscular contours and sculpts or shapes your abdomen to create a more athletic contour. Those who have a pronounced muscular structure already benefit the most from this procedure. Ideal candidates should follow a proper exercise and diet program to maintain your appearance after the procedure has been completed.


Specific benefits may include:

•    More defined muscles in the abdomen
•    Less abdominal fat and thinner midsection
•    Safer surgery than some other options
•    Great option for those with small amounts of abdominal fat
•    Minimized downtime and quick procedure
•    Less scarring
•    Faster  healing than other body contouring procedures

Your surgeon will mark your belly with lines to guide his surgical incisions before he will put you under local or general anesthesia. He will then sculpt your abdominal muscles using an instrument called a cannula by removing your excess fat along the lines drawn before the operation. The scars will be difficult to see for each incision will only be 1 to 2 mm in length. Then your surgeon will advise you to wear compression clothing after the surgery. Most likely you will return home within a few hours on the same day of the procedure.
Swelling, bruising and sometimes pain may be present but these are manageable with the proper care and medicine. You can shower within 48 hours but you will need to wear the compression clothing for 3 to 6 weeks. Avoid putting any pressure on your abdominal area and lifting heavy weights for approximately 3 weeks. The full result of the procedure may take up to 6 months to be seen.

Possible Risk

Just like any surgery where anesthesia is give, you will always run the risks of side effects and complications. Reduce these risks by walking gently and moving around as often as you can and as soon as you can and by following your surgeon’s instructions carefully. Those specific risks include:

•    Reaction to the anesthetic.
•    Temporary loss of sensitivity on abdominal skin is common.
•    Excessive scarring of the skin
•    Post operative infections that occur usually in the first 4-6 weeks.

To reduce the occurrence of these risks, this procedure should be performed in an outpatient surgery center where your surgeon practices. It is very important to go through a personal consultation with your surgeon to determine if abdominal etching is the right procedure for you to achieve the best results.
It is important to only consider those board-certified plastic surgeons who may be experts in abdominal plastic surgery and may have specific experience with abdominal etching.


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Why Medical Tourism Makes Sense

There are several reasons to investigate medical tourism. Likely the main reason for most potential patients to consider medical tourism is the lower costs of having surgery in another country. The potential costs will likely be less…often much less than having such surgery in one’s home country. Simple, potential patients feel that they may receive more service for less money through a swse325024urgeon in another country. One good example of such booming industry is  the Medical Tourism in the Philippines.

Potential patients are often offered services to assist in planning their time overseas. Patients can choose available services or only some of these services, depending on their needs and budget. Some clinic now offer “holistic” services which covers all the potential needs of a patients. These extra services range from nurse companion, to hotel reservations, air reservations, airport transfers to sightseeing opportunities.

The nurses provided are fully trained and qualified to assist patients in their recovery. They will also assist in preparing or ordering meals for patients. For example, the Philippines is blessed with a surplus of highly qualified English-speaking nurses, with many going abroad to work each year. This “surplus” allows nurses to be available at a low costs to patients. Other countries have a similar supply of nurses available to help.

These “24-7” services with on-site nurse or medical assistance can make the stay of a patient stay more comfortable. Also doctors who make house calls and telephone calls to patients may also be available. Today, these services are almost unheard of in the United States or Europe. Hotels at different costs are available depending on the patient’s budget. Some patients may wish to make their own reservations or request referrals from the physician. Local transportation from the airport and pick up to drop off after surgery and recovery can be provided if requested. Potential patients may wish to “interview” surgeon candidates to answer any question they may have. Speaking with a surgeon can help patients overcome anxiety and provide answers to any questions potential patients may have. Patients should not be embarrassed or timid to ask questions to obtain information. Many surgeons, trained in the United States or in Europe, welcome such questions.

There are many surgeons so how does a potential patient decide which surgeon is best for them? First, review the experience of the Filipino cosmetic surgeon: how long have they been practicing? What is their specialization or are they generalist? How many times have they done a procedure like the one you are requesting? Undoubtable there may be other specific questions patients will ask related to their personal situation. If a potential patient has not been referred to a surgeon they can do their own research by checking the Internet, referral websites, blogs, and other social media site.

Testimonials by former patients can be somewhat useful but keep in mind they may be in exchange for a fee or service. International calling is now easier than ever. Individuals can call from your home or office using the Internet through Skype software or some similar program. You can also purchase a calling card which allows you to purchase blocks of the time to make your call. These calling cards are available at most convenience stores and are very affordable, as a note: Do remember the time zone differences when calling.

English is one of the two official languages of the Philippines so English-speaking patients will be able to communicate freely. Similar programs are offered in other countries in other languages. By doing research first, including the Internet and discussions with potential physicians, patients can greatly reduce their anxiety, increase their confidence, and prepare for their surgery.

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The Economics of Growing Old

There are many reasons to consider cosmetic surgery from “I want to look younger”, to “I hate how I look now”. There is an old saying that goes: “if I knew I was going to live this long… I would have taken better care of myself!” While there is some humor in these remarks there is regrettably much truth. Most of us have not taken very good care of ourselves and accordingly now face bodies that are out of shape and needing improvement. Throughout our lives we have gained weight, had many stressful moments, and experience the normal vicissitudes of life. This combination has made us look old. No one can avoid this roller coaster of life. cosmetic surgery in the philippines

Not only is it increasingly important to keep our self in shape for personal reasons, it is equally important to keep our self in shape for economic reasons. Many Baby Boomers are now having to work longer than they ever expected because they did not adequately save for retirement and now will have to work longer than they planned or wanted. Studies show that people with gray hair and wrinkles receive less job interviews and the interviews that they do receive are shorter. Age discrimination is may be wrong but it is fast growing and cannot be ignored.

It is said that age 40 is the new age 50, and 50 the new 60 and so on. Many people will work way beyond the point that thought they could retire. Some because they want to work but many because they have to. Studies indicate that many have done a poor job of planning for retirement and will need to continue to work by necessity—work until you drop!

Cosmetics surgery can help individuals regain some of the look of their youth. It can provide a more rested look. It can also boost confidence when interviewing and working. Age bias is increasing particularly as younger workers move into management positions and may not want someone who looks like their fathers or mothers or even their grandparents working for them. Many young people feel the older generations lack skills…particularly computer skills…to be able to compete adequately in today’s fast-paced workplace. The competition for jobs will only continue. Many senior workers are often the first to be fired or laid off when a company plans to downsize, goes out of business or is looking to reduce overhead costs.

So cosmetic surgery service is not only to help you regain a more youthful and relaxed look…it may also help in any employment situations. There are steps to that one can take to turn back the hands of time. New interventions and technique have made the process less invasive, more effective and less time consuming.


In the film Nottingham Hill, actors Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant discuss why men are so interested in female breasts. What is the fascination with female breasts? It would take much research to answer but it is fair to say that the subject of female breasts occupies considerable thought and conversation. Needless to say, the subject is important and is often discussed. This topic carries over to whether a woman should consider breast augmentation or reduction. Some would argue that “God made me the way I am and I’m happy in my body.”


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The Handsome’s Secret : Chin And Cheeks Augmentations

Traditionally, a man with a solid-large chin, a chiseled look cheek and with an angular profiled face has always been regarded as the embodiment of masculinity. Having these features can bring a profound effect not only in your physical appearance, but also in your personality and confidence. If you want to have a balanced and ideal face, you should have a full chin and well-defined cheeks which also contribute in having a pleasant and arresting look. cheek augmentation manila

However, just like with all other parts of a man’s body, your chin and cheeks begin to lose their fullness and vibrancy with the onset of aging. Chin and Cheeks Augmentation Surgeries can help you a lot in restoring back their volume and gives you a younger-looking appearance. They can improve your weak or hidden jawline, enhance the appearance of your small or recessed chin and bring your cheeks in balance with your other facial features. The overall goal is to bring harmony in your facial features which complement one another for an appearance that is naturally and uniquely yours.

Usually, most men choose to opt for chin and cheeks augmentations together with the other facial procedures like the Eyelid Surgery, Rhinoplasty and Facelift for a more beneficial and optimum results.

If you are interested to undergo these procedures, you should be in good health and have realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery. Our cosmetic surgeon will develop a customized treatment plan for you based on a systematic evaluation of your overall health, facial structure and personal goals.

Reasons to have Chin and Cheeks Augmentations

• To restore back the natural appearance of your cheeks and rectify the lost facial fullness over time.
• To add fullness in your cheeks and strengthen your jaw lines.
• Cheeks augmentation can add fullness to your underdeveloped cheek bones and improve your facial balance which will result in a more youthful appearance.
• Chin implants improves the shape and appearance of your facial profile and add harmony and balance to facial features.
• Increased your overall self-esteem and self-confidence.

The Procedures

Both chin and cheeks augmentation surgeries are performed under local anesthesia, IV sedation and as outpatient procedures. They are performed as an out-patient basis. During the chin augmentation surgery, incisions are made inside of your mouth or hidden beneath your chin. Then the appropriate shape and size of the implant is inserted into the incision in the front of your jawbone. When the implant settles into the place, the incision is then closed. You can have an Elastoplasts dressing to stabilize your chin implant. The procedure usually lasts for about 30 minutes up to an hour.

In the case of cheek augmentation procedure, incisions are made either in the area of your lower eyelid or your upper lip. Then the implants are inserted into the pockets that were formed in front of your cheekbones and positioned them in place. This procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes to perform. Cheek implants can give you long-lasting and more positive results unlike facial fillers, which require you to have a routine maintenance.

Candidates for the Surgery

There are many men of different ages and circumstances who have already undergo the chin and cheeks augmentations. Below are the factors that generally define good candidates for these procedures:

• You can clearly define reasons why you want the surgery.
• You accept the possible risks of the procedures and your responsibilities as a patient.
• You know and understand what the procedures can and cannot do.
• You are willing to accept minor asymmetries and have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of the procedures.
• You are emotionally secure, healthy and stable.

Proper Caring

You must always keep your head elevated to minimize swelling and you must follow your surgeon’s specific instructions to allow the fast healing of your incisions.

Possible Risks

All surgeries carry the possible risks with them which will be fully discussed to you by your surgeon during your consultation. Even having both chin and cheek augmentations, you can already return home on the same day. Just like in most patients’ case, you will usually feel fine after the procedure but are encouraged not to return to work and other regular activities in the remainder of the day. It is also advisable to have a capable adult with you for the first 24 hours after the procedure.

Scars are normal outcome of the procedures. The pattern and location of your incisions and the resulting scars will be discussed to you during the consultation. You may also experience some moderate discomfort, soreness, swelling, numbness and bruising at the incision sites. These can be managed with pain medications. Other rare cases like suffering from loss of sensations, infection, shifting of implant and rejection of implant are also possible. Usually, you can already return to your work within 5-7 days.

Final Results

A successful chin and cheeks augmentation procedures will showcase results right away with constant improvements as the swelling subsides. Both techniques bring a more pleasant and younger looking chin and cheeks and improved the balance of your facial features. Results with these procedures may be long-lasting but proper skincare is essential after the surgeries and maintaining your youthfulness is a lifestyle and a choice.

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Arm Lift Surgery To Firm Up Your Arm Area

Arm lift surgery has become increasingly popular over the last couple of decades after the advent of bariatric surgery that resulted to massive weight lost. Many people resorting to this procedure in order to address or remove excess flabby skin and to accomplish a normal and cosmetically appealing body profile. With the evolution of science and technology, fresh and improved methods have made arm lift safe and straight forward to execute and tuck the skin after excision. However, for patients with excess fats than excess skin, liposuction is still the procedure of choice, this is more ideal for patient with good skin tone. Surgeon may suggest an upper body lift or arm lift or arm tuck as an approach to enhance the shape of the under portion of the upper arm, from the armpit area to the elbow. The procedure entails removing excessive sagging skin, and tightening up the underlying supportive soft tissue tissue, consequently resulting to a more vibrant and normal arm contour. Weight fluctuations, consequences of aging, and even heredity can cause your upper arm skin to become loose and flabby. But patients needs to be aware that these are correctable changes.
An arm lift surgery can help uplift self esteem and to make you feel much better in more ways than you think that is possible. Arm lift procedure is one of the component of body contouring procedures like tummy tuck(abdominoplasty), thigh lift, belt lipectomy, thoracoplasty and butt lift. Patients contemplating to undergo this procedure will need to give sufficient time for recovery (3 weeks) and must be thoroughly prepared. Patients are advise to avoid the following for 1 to 2 weeks; smoking, alcoholic beverages, aspirin, steroids, NSAIDs pain medications like mefenamic acids, Vit E supplements, herbal medications, blood thinning medications like coumadin and heparin, herbal tea, diet pills, oral contraceptives, regulated drugs like valium, prohibited drugs like methamphetamine and antipsychotic drugs like haloperidol. These will make the procedure bloody and delay healing process. And when bleeding occurs, the risk for hematoma formation, infection, and scar contractor increases. So basically patients must be in good general health and had follow all the instruction given to them by their attending surgeon prior to surgery. Aside from some refraining from some social activity and medication prior to surgery. Patients that is being approved or evaluated for cosmetic surgery will need to undergo several laboratory tests and will be evaluated by a medical internist. If all these are with in normal or patient is clear, then patient may undergo such procedure.

Brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure which excise and lifts the loose arm skin and gives a toned look to the entire arm length or region. It assists in providing well-shaped arms, creating the skin smooth, firm and well-contoured. Brachioplasty involves minimum side effects. However, probabilities of developing scars do exist. There’s minimum pain or discomfort in this procedure because it is carried out under general anesthesia.

Brachioplasty works nicely for people who have lost weight more than a brief time period or had massive reduction on their BMI or body mass index. The sudden reduce in the fat causes the arm skin to sag heavily. This is a condition which doesn’t repair by itself as the skin has lost its elasticity following having supported accumulated fat for years. Diet plan and exercise alone aren’t adequate to bring firmness towards the skin. This arm lift surgery also works well for conditions such as sagginess of skin brought on because of aging, chronic tanning and general loss of elasticity of arm skin. Brachioplasty assists individuals to recover self esteem and improve self consciousness about their look. Patients appreciate daily activity by being able to wear clothing that they prefer. The individual is in a position to put on all sorts of short-sleeved or tight fitting clothes. Arm lift surgery for nicely shaped arms can really go a lengthy way in creating one appear great and feel fantastic.


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Enhancement Mammoplasty : Augmentation and Enlargement Breast Procedure

Also known as : Augmentation Mammoplasty, Breast Enhancement, Breast Enlargement, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implant Procedure

breast augmentation in the philippinesBreast augmentation procedure will take 1 to 2 hours to complete and this is performed under sedation with intercostal block. Pain is one of the most common concerns that patients for breast augmentation think of. Because of this, we have give this pain issue a lot of attention. We have formed a pain management protocol to address this in which patients are give intercostal blocks to numb their chest before surgery and immediately after surgery. This will help us control the pain. On top of this, patients are started on single IV pain medications combined with oral pain meds so that the effect of these medications would overlap each other.

To be honest with you, majority of my patients does not complain of pain but more of the discomfort due to swelling of the breast after surgery. But swelling is temporary and will eventually resolve through time. After surgery, as I said there will be swelling and some bruising that peaks on the 3rd day and start to subside on the 4th day onwards. You will be instructed to wear special bra used by breast augmented patient during the first 2 to 3 weeks to help control the swelling and also give you more comfort. Sutures are removed on the 7th day after surgery and wounds are healed by the 10th day after surgery. For your activity this is gradually increase after surgery since you need to rest for a day or two, you will be allowed to do some light cardio activity on the 3rd week after surgery like walking, and then you may resume regular gym exercise after 4 to 5 weeks. Patients are advise to refrain from sexual activity for 3 weeks after surgery since this may causes hematoma formation and pain.

Silicon breast implants in the Philippines do have more superior results compared with saline implants. It gives the breast natural fullness and contour, especially at the upper and outer pole/portion of the breast that cannot be attain with a saline implants. Also the feel of a breast with silicon breast implant is more natural, and patients would often comment that they hardly feel the implant when they massage their breast. This is because breast tissue density is almost identical with the silicon cohesive gel than saline implant. In addition to this, Silicon implants also have a very low rate for deflation and rippling after surgery. I never had a patient with silicon implant that had spontaneous deflation.

To know more about your breast augmentation in the Philippines procedure, it would be best to consult your surgeon, so that you may know all your options.

For more information on breast implant Philippines, breast augmentation in the Philippines, Breast Augmentation before and after photos, Price or Cost of Breast Augmentation in the Philippines, Silicon or Saline Breast Implants, Augmentation Mammoplasty in the Philippines, Breast Augmentation Surgeon and affordable breast augmentation  you may visit Philippine Cosmetic or Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Philippines .

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Facelift Recovery – Things You Need To Know

A facelift, also referred to as a rhytidectomy, this surgical procedure can dramatically improve visible signs of aging brought on by the effects of gravity, tension and sun exposure. The process consists of removing excess and sagging skin, tightening underlying muscles or soft issue then re-draping the skin of the face and neck. It’s best to discuss your options and expectations with your plastic surgeon, but keep in mind that plastic surgeons are doctors, not magicians. So it will help to have a more realistic expectation.

Here’s what to expect after a facelift.facelift recovery

Expect to look worse before you appear much better. Don’t panic; this is regular. There will be swelling and bruising but this is only transient. As swelling and bruising fades, you’ll begin to determine the outcomes. It may help to use of apply cold compress for 72 hours as frequent as you can to minimize swelling.

Keep your head elevated at all time with 2 pillow at bed time for two to three days to minimize the pressure at your head area. This will also help minimize swelling and speed up recovery. Do not underestimate the significance of head elevation. It’ll reduce your facelift recovery time significantly. Failure to do so might prolong recovery and might create anxiety for patients.

Following surgery your whole head will probably be bandaged. The bandage may really feel tight at first because it is meant to apply an even pressure for your face, neck and head to reduce bruising and swelling. The bandages are generally removed after a day or two following surgery.

You might shower and shampoo after the dressings are removed on the 3rd or 4th day after surgery.

You might feel some tightness and numbness in your face and neck. This tightness generally resolves after two months. The feeling of tightness is generally because of swelling. Because the swelling goes down, your skin will loosen after which stabilize. Don’t be alarmed that the facelift didn’t work. It is regular for the face to appear less wrinkled initially following surgery because of swelling. Numbness may persist for a number of patients for months and but this will gradually improve and normalize.

Its good to discuss any concerns after surgery with your surgeon so that you may know if what you have is expected or normal or if there is something that needs to be done or address. Having an open line of communication with your surgeon may alleviate you of anxiety.

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