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Facelift and Facial Rejuvenation Overview


Rhytidectomy or commonly known as Face lift procedure can reduce and address the sagging skin, deep cheek folds, and jowls at the lower part of the jaw of the face and neck, making these areas more youthful in appearance. Plastic surgeons usually divide the face into 3 general parts, the upper, mid and the lower 3rd. Aging affects these areas of the face in different way. At the upper third, there is the transverse line of the forehead and the glabellar frown line. Middle 3rd you would note the deepening of the Nasolabial folds, sagging of the cheek skin and hallowing of the suborbital area. And at the lower third there are the jowls, marionette lines and the platismal bands at the neck-mandible area.

Due to aging and other multifactorial cause, the support structure and skin of the face loosen. Facelift or mini facelift surgery is a procedure that would resuspend or reposition the soft tissue of the face to obtain a youthful appearance. The scars from the incision lines are mostly hidden within the hairline or within normal lines of the face and neck, making it inconspicuous once it matures. This is usually performed, either under local or general anesthesia depending on the extent of the face lift procedure and usually requires a short hospital stay for patient undergoing a full face lift. The patient will experience some temporary skin discoloration, swelling and a certain amount of tightness or numbness in the face and ears that usually resolve after 7 to 10 days. Healing takes time and is gradual, so be patient and expect several weeks or months for optimal results.

Cosmetic procedure either surgical or non surgical are very cheap and affordable in the Philippines when compared to other western countries like the United State (USA), United Kingdom and Canada. Because of this a lot of prospective clients that are very much interested in physical enhancement could avail the services of certified and fully trained Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon at a much lower cost. Since physical enhancement is your prime objective. Cost or Price should not be your main consideration, but your Surgeon’s qualification, training and experience should be your priority. Give time and effort in knowing your Surgeon. Patient safety and quality results is our priority. Take the opportunity to discuss all your options with our certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon for free.

With a very affordable cosmetic surgery procedure packages, while having your vacation in the Philippines. Any cosmetic plastic procedure could be a worthwhile and extraordinary experience for both the patient and surgeon, if this is done in the light of surgical standards in term of safety. In order for you to attain the best results for the procedure you are interested without compromising your safety and health, we advice you to bring up all your concerns to a Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon with proper qualification and training in the field of Cosmetic/Aesthetic Surgery.


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Facelift – Pre and Post Operative Surgery Tips For Facelift Procedure

For those who have decided to undergo a facelift, there are many things to do before the surgery to make sure or to have a smooth and effective surgery and recovery period. Here are some things to do or to keep in mind before surgery day draws close.

Pre-Operative Surgery Tips

It is very important to have consultation, this may take one or more visit depending on patient’s concerns. It is prudent to ask questions to your surgeon during this time so that you may know all your options and also to be able to know thoroughly what to expect before and after cosmetic surgery procedures . The surgeon will most likely have you undergo diagnostic test to determine your current general health and well being and if you’re a physically qualified to undergo the procedure. It is also important to inform the surgeon of any medicines you are presently taking or any allergies as this may affect the result and safety of the procedure and recovery period. This would also be an excellent time to ask the surgeon of any questions and doubts concerning the procedure.

Subsequently, the surgeon will offer pre-operative instruction on what to do and complete before the surgery like fasting and body bath in the morning of surgery. It is crucial to adhere to these instructions down to the last detail and towards the final letter to avoid any complications and risks. It is important to stop taking blood-thinning medicines as this may trigger the risk of excessive bleeding during surgery and may lead to infection and delay healing.

Next, it would be best to quit smoking a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks prior to the surgery. Smoking will hamper the healing process or wound healing.

Facelift Philippines

Lastly, it is best to prepare the house to get a comfortable recovery period. It is best to clean the bedroom and position important items within reach such as medical supplies and medications. However will be best to ask relative or have a private nurse to assist you with your needs during early recuperation. Therefore, it would be best to buy medical supplies in advance. It is best to prepare and store up food within the freezer which can effortlessly be heated and saves the difficulty of food preparation. Undergoing facelift in the Philippines is indeed a major decision and thorough  preparation ought to be done to ensure a seamless operation and recovery.

Post-Surgery Tips

Facelift is among the leading 10 surgical procedures carried out within the US. Increasingly more people desire to have a youthful look and determine to undergo this cosmetic process. For those who have decided to undergo this surgery, here are some post-surgery tips for facelift.

After the surgery, it ought to be expected that the patient will experience some swelling, discomfort, pain and bruising. It is best to possess or buy necessary pain medicines prior to surgery and have it on hand. Bruising usually transient and goes away on its own following a week or two. Swelling may be controlled and lessened by applying cold compress on the surgical site for 20 minutes every hour. Nevertheless, it should to be remembered not to put ice directly on the wound, rather wrap it inside a clean soft plastic bag and wrap it around a clean cloth or towel. Additionally, it best to sleep in an elevated head position to reduce swelling. Patients are advise to rest for 2 to 3 days with head above chest level and with two pillow at bedtime to help decrease swelling.

Throughout the recovery period, it is very best to wear button-down shirts so that it’s easier to wear and remove. Wearing shirts that go over the head could only be discomforting and may disrupt sutures or surgical staples and dressing, this may also affect the healing process.

Subsequently, proper wound care ought to be practiced to prevent infection and scarring. Once the sutures are removed, its best to apply topical antibiotic cream to lessen the risk of infection and protect scars from drying out. The patient ought to be as gentle as possible when cleaning the face, avoiding scratching or scrubbing, as this would only hamper the healing procedure.

Lastly, it is crucial to adhere to all post-operative guidelines given by the physician to make sure that there will be an uneventful recovery. However, the recovery period differs from patient to patient. Nevertheless, by following the above mentioned tips, one can speed up the healing and recovery process for a facelift.

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The Economics of Growing Old

There are many reasons to consider cosmetic surgery from “I want to look younger”, to “I hate how I look now”. There is an old saying that goes: “if I knew I was going to live this long… I would have taken better care of myself!” While there is some humor in these remarks there is regrettably much truth. Most of us have not taken very good care of ourselves and accordingly now face bodies that are out of shape and needing improvement. Throughout our lives we have gained weight, had many stressful moments, and experience the normal vicissitudes of life. This combination has made us look old. No one can avoid this roller coaster of life. cosmetic surgery in the philippines

Not only is it increasingly important to keep our self in shape for personal reasons, it is equally important to keep our self in shape for economic reasons. Many Baby Boomers are now having to work longer than they ever expected because they did not adequately save for retirement and now will have to work longer than they planned or wanted. Studies show that people with gray hair and wrinkles receive less job interviews and the interviews that they do receive are shorter. Age discrimination is may be wrong but it is fast growing and cannot be ignored.

It is said that age 40 is the new age 50, and 50 the new 60 and so on. Many people will work way beyond the point that thought they could retire. Some because they want to work but many because they have to. Studies indicate that many have done a poor job of planning for retirement and will need to continue to work by necessity—work until you drop!

Cosmetics surgery can help individuals regain some of the look of their youth. It can provide a more rested look. It can also boost confidence when interviewing and working. Age bias is increasing particularly as younger workers move into management positions and may not want someone who looks like their fathers or mothers or even their grandparents working for them. Many young people feel the older generations lack skills…particularly computer skills…to be able to compete adequately in today’s fast-paced workplace. The competition for jobs will only continue. Many senior workers are often the first to be fired or laid off when a company plans to downsize, goes out of business or is looking to reduce overhead costs.

So cosmetic surgery service is not only to help you regain a more youthful and relaxed look…it may also help in any employment situations. There are steps to that one can take to turn back the hands of time. New interventions and technique have made the process less invasive, more effective and less time consuming.


In the film Nottingham Hill, actors Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant discuss why men are so interested in female breasts. What is the fascination with female breasts? It would take much research to answer but it is fair to say that the subject of female breasts occupies considerable thought and conversation. Needless to say, the subject is important and is often discussed. This topic carries over to whether a woman should consider breast augmentation or reduction. Some would argue that “God made me the way I am and I’m happy in my body.”


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Facelift by the Renewed You Aesthetic Center

When was the last time you looked closely at your face in the mirror? Health maxim alludes that a man is as old as his arteries (Sydenham) . At Renew You Cosmetic Clinic, we say that a man is as old as his face!  Don’t despair, Renew You can change that!  

Perhaps you are considering face-lifting already? It is but fitting for you to get a choice tidbits of information to achieve a proper head start.  Based on the most recent Oxford Medical Dictionary,  facelift (pronounced as fays-lift) is a plastic surgery designed to correct sagging facial tissues. It is an unfussy procedure that lasts for 2 hours or so. Recent procedures can be administered on an outpatient basis using general anaesthesia. Healing and recovery time has also been enormously enhanced, with individuals sliding back to their regular work routine within 10 to 14 days. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS),  facelifting is one of the 14.6 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, including both minimally-invasive and surgical,  performed in the United States in 2012.  Every minute, this figures are growing!
Sounds simple? Better yet, take a quick look at its underrated benefits!

facelift in manila


















Renew You!
1.     Restored and aptly mended skin due to sags (minus the externally manifesting wrinkles.)

2.     Elimination of excess fat.

3.     Newly emphasized facial contours for the young you!

4.    Enhanced and tightened facial muscles.

5.     Well enhanced look, without visible facial flaw or scarring


Moving forward! Let’s get familiarized with the basic procedure.

Facelift procedures have made a lot of progress over the past years. It has unquestionably reduced patient‘s trauma and lessened intrusion. This is attributed mainly to the use of modern technology!  Please see the steps herewith.

Step 1 – Medication with the use of Anaesthesia
Step 2 – The cut or incision.
Step 3 – Concealment of incisions.
Step 4 – New You! Final result and after care


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Opt For A Facelift in Manila, Philippines – Cosmetic Tourism

facelift in manilaThere are a lot of  reputable plastic surgeons in the Asia, and in Manila alone. Even so it is not spared from ineffective surgeons as well. If you’re preparing to get a facelift in Manila, more than consulting a board certified plastic surgeon, it also helps to understand all the details concerning the process.

A facelift can be regarded as a typical procedure. Presently there are a great deal of individuals, men and women alike and of varying ages, who’re becoming much more open to the idea of going under the knife just to look a lot younger. These days, not just celebrities are becoming much more vain about their appearances and wanting to turn out to be youthful searching.

Nevertheless as typical as facelift in Manila is, it still seems that there are people who are now mindful of the pointers that they would need to understand initial even prior to consulting having a surgeon. So for those who’re interested in undergoing a Manila facelift or any comparable surgical process, here are just a few issues which you need to keep in mind prior to agreeing to get on the operating table.

To begin, make a list of all of your concerns regarding the procedure and the post-operative care. Particularly if it is going to become your initial time, you need to think about the recovery procedure, and whether or not or not it is going to effect your job or your daily routine. Second of all, compile also a list of questions that you’re going to ask the surgeon about his career and credibility. Ask for the files of all his prior successful cases and ask in the event you could get in touch with a minimal of one of them to ask for a testimonial. If the surgeon declines, be suspicious.

Thirdly, ask an estimate of just how much the procedure is going to cost you, starting from the pre-operative care to the post-operative care and upkeep. Whilst different states have different rates, Check for typical rates for each procedure. So make sure that you’re aware from the figures so you won’t be surprised at how expensive it might turn out.

Lastly, make sure that you are a hundred percent sure at what you are going to complete and you comprehend very well the potential risks. It’s the surgeon’s job to explain to you each detail, advantages, disadvantages, and dangers from the process to make certain which you know what you’re getting yourself into. So do not be afraid to ask questions and usually demand for an honest answer. If you’re really sure about obtaining a Manila facelift, then you’ll need to double verify everything prior to settling on a particular surgeon.

If you want a head start on reputable plastic surgeons in Manila, you are able to verify out online and see a number of good clinics that you could visit.

While it’s growing to be nearly an daily thing these days that an additional celebrity or a next-door neighbor has undergone plastic surgery, it should not mean which you should be much less cautious. If anything, you should take additional precaution.
We really want to provide you with very good information regarding specific types of cosmetic surgical procedures so do give us some comments and suggestions or inquiries.

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