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A Tummy Tuck Overview – Cosmetic Surgery

tummy tuck philippines

Women undergo a lot of biological and physical changes throughout their life. Majority of these changes occur dung child bearing age or when women becomes conscious of their body morphology and then decides to loose weight.   A tummy tuck can be a great solution for you to enhance the appearance of your abdomen. This one of the most common procedure that women consider if they decide to regain their youthful form.

Tummy Tuck Philippines

Tummy tuck surgery is one of the procedure ask by women after multiple pregnancy or massive weight lost. Often, this is part of the “Mom Make Over” procedures, other procedures that women may consider to regain their form and self esteem are liposuction, lipoabdominoplasty, arm lift, thigh lift, brazilian butt lift, face lift, blepharoplasty or eye lid surgery, brow lift, buttocks lift, breast augmentation or breast lift procedures. These procedure may be combined or performed together but its best for patients to discuss their option with their surgeon so that they may know what is best for them to attain the result they want.

Yet anyone who is not familiar with the ins and outs of obtaining cosmetic surgery in the Philippines should be able to understand that there is a correct and wrong way to go about getting a tummy tuck surgery . It is very important therefore, to choose your surgeon wisely.  In order to prepare patients for their surgery to prepare for surgery and avoid the following for 1 to 2 weeks; smoking, alcoholic beverages, aspirin, steroids, NSAIDs pain medications like mefenamic acids, Vit E supplements, herbal medications, blood thinning medications like coumadin and heparin, herbal tea, diet pills, oral contraceptives, regulated drugs like valium, prohibited drugs like methamphetamine and antipsychotic drugs like haloperidol…. These will make the procedure bloody and delay healing process. And when bleeding occurs, the risk for hematoma formation, infection, and scar contractor increases.

Also its best that patient inform their surgeon of any  medical conditions requiring treatment, like asthma, allergies, hypertension, bleeding problems, lung problems like emphysema, heart problems like coronary artery sclerosis. Any previous surgeries and when was this surgery performed, and how was your healing when you had this surgery. Also, do you take any medications at present and what are this medications for. Do you have history of chest pain, difficulty in breathing and poor wound healing.

With regards to scheduling your tummy tuck procedure, you want to have the process carried out at a time that is convenient for you. Make sure you plan your scheduling of your surgery properly with the help of your surgeon. The scheduling should also include enough time for recovery. If you work or have something that generally demands a certain amount of your time on a regular basis, you may wish to add in a couple of extra days beyond the projected recovery time just to become on the safe side.

You may have heard that recovery is like a piece of cake, but remember  that recovery different for each and every patient. Some individuals have quicker recoveries than others. Learn some tips on how to help your recovery go smoother and faster. Also take note that tummy tuck is a surgical procedure and it is important for you to try and relax your body. Patients need to allot 14 to 16 days for the procedure. This time interval will be use for your initial consultation, laboratory, medical clearance, surgery, follow up, suture removal and recuperation. After this you may safely travel back home or to the province since your wounds are dry and healed.
If it’s possible, you’ll want to have someone who’s able to check on you and assist while on  your recovery stages. The less function and chores you do about the house, much better. For faster recovery, it is advised to avoid skipping any meals. The body needs energy to heal. Drink plenty of water to help speed up your recovery. Take your medication as directed and follow all of your post operation directions. As soon as you have totally recovered from your surgery, you are able to resume your normal activities.

Generally a tummy tuck is a form of plastic surgery that has a few areas to address. Once you have come to understand this process, you can figure out if it will be the right option for you. Just make certain that you speak to a physician concerning the pros and cons of this procedure and understand what all is involved prior to you set out to possess a tummy tuck carried out.


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Breast Augmentation Philippines – Silicon vs Saline Breast Augmentation

In terms of selecting the location of the incision and resulting scar. There are several type of incisions through which the breast implants are inserted. This is the armpit incision, areolar incision and breast fold incision. In my practice, I prefer to do armpit incision in inserting breast implants, because we are able to avoid any direct incisions and thus scarring or scar formation directly at the breast skin and gland thus there will be no visible scar at the breast mound or surface. On addition to this, the result scar at the armpit area is hardly noticeable since its fine and linear. 

breast augmentation philippines

On the other hand, incisions at the areolar area results to a scar that is very visible or noticeable specially for asian and black african patients which scar poorly and may hypo-pigment. In addition to this, significant number of patients with areolar incision complain that their scar widens thus needs revision. Also, risk for loosing or affecting nipple sensation after areolar incision is significantly high. Because of this, I rarely perform this unless patient request it or they would need breast lift surgery as well.

But for patients with well formed breast fold before surgery, breast fold incision is as good option. With this type of incision, nipple sensation is rarely affected. Resulting scar can be concealed with in the breast fold. For me, this is the second best incision. But as much as I could and like, I perform my breast augmentation surgery with an armpit incision. For transgender, the ideal incision would be through the breast fold, for better dissection to facilitate creation of the pocket for the implants and also for ease of muscle dissection.

Breast augmentation procedure will take 1 to 2 hours to complete and this is performed under sedation with intercostal block. Pain is one of the most common concerns that patients for breast augmentation think of. Because of this, we have give this pain issue a lot of attention. We have formed a pain management protocol to address this in which patients are give intercostal blocks to numb their chest before surgery and immediately after surgery. This will help us control the pain. On top of this, patients are started on single IV pain medications combined with oral pain meds so that the effect of these medications would overlap each other.

To be honest with you, majority of my patients does not complain of pain but more of the discomfort due to swelling of the breast after surgery. But swelling is temporary and will eventually resolve through time. After surgery, as I said there will be swelling and some bruising that peaks on the 3rd day and start to subside on the 4th day onwards. You will be instructed to wear special bra used by breastaugmented patient during the first 2 to 3 weeks to help control the swelling and also give you more comfort. Sutures are removed on the 7th day after surgery and wounds are healed by the 10th day after surgery.

For your activity this is gradually increase after surgery since you need to rest for a day or two, you will be allowed to do some light cardio activity on the 3rd week after surgery like walking, and then you may resume regular gym exercise after 4 to 5 weeks. Patients are advise to refrain from sexual activity for 3 weeks after surgery since this may causes hematoma formation and pain.

Watch on YoutubeBreast Augmentation Manila Philippines by The Renewed You Aesthetic


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Tummy Tuck Philippines : Read About the Benefits of Abdominoplasty and How It’s Done

It is rather an important need to pamper ourselves after months of slaving from a high octane work! Added to this are the pressures that our lives often get entangled to. But first things first!  We need to get abreast about the safest and newest approaches on aesthetic surgery to find out which one is the best for you!  A known writer and priest once said, “We don’t see that of which we do not have concept of.” tummy tuck philippines

Let’s start the ball rolling by familiarizing ourselves with one of the most commonly administered surgery procedure– the tummy tuck. This is defined by the Oxford Reference Dictionary as an aesthetic procedure which aims to provide a flatter, narrower abdomen by excising skin and excess fat, generally by using a lower slanting abdominal mark. Put simply, this surgical procedure, levels out your stomach/ abdomen by removing wobbly, excess fat and skin and slimming down your muscles thus making it tighter or firmer within the abdominal wall.

Benefits Of Having A Tummy Tuck

1. Enhanced Level of Confidence. The primary and most important benefit of a self enhancement procedure similar to tummy tuck is to reinforce the patient’s confidence and self-esteem by re-establishing a well enhanced and much proportioned frame.

2. Decrease or curtailment of stretch marks. Very near to the heart of post pregnancy stage is the elimination of stretch marks. And to date, this very unsettling concern can be medically treated by means of aesthetic surgery.

3. Elimination of floppy skin resulting to an improved body contour or body outline!
Aesthetic surgery has had a lot of amazing advancement and expanded to a number of modes of self-improvement in recent years that having a bulging tummy can be just a thing of the past ! A perfect body shape is within our reach here and now!

4.  A buoyant sense of suiting up daring & fitting clothes.
Suiting up in fashionable clothes is dramatically made real and facilitated with effortlessness considering you are fabulously renewed!

Tummy Tuck Philippines

Overall, a comprehensive abdominoplasty adhere to the steps aforementioned below. It goes without saying that the procedure is performed under general anaesthesia.

• Firstly, a cut from hip to hip — just directly above the pubic area.
• Secondly, a new cut is made to open the tummy button from the neighbouring skin.
• Thirdly, the skin is meticulously separated from the abdominal wall to facilitate access to the muscles and the fascia to be made firmer.
• Last but not the least, just like any surgical procedure, a dressing is applied to collect superfluous fluid from the aforementioned area.

The final result is a new you! Give or take a week or two, you should be posing proud and fittingly poised with a renewed and trimmer body outline!!!

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Cheek Augmentation: Fat Grafting VS. Facial Implants

Defined and full cheeks are signs of beauty and youthful age. However, over time, our face gradually loses fat making our cheeks become saggy and flat resulting also to a depressed look. Some are also born with naturally depressed or high cheekbones. If you want to have that molded cheeks look, both surgical and nonsurgical treatments that focus on restoring volume, definition and plumpness of your cheeks are helpful to attain it. To recreate youthful contours and achieve volume to your cheeks, your doctor may suggest Cheek Augmentation procedure.

Cheek augmentation is a  surgical procedure that emphasizes your cheeks on your face. This procedure can be done through two ways: fat grafting or implants. To augment your depressed cheeks, your surgeon may place a solid implant over your cheekbone or he may inject your own fat to you cheeks, commonly known as Fat Grafting. Cheek augmentation can also be combined with other procedures like Chin Augmentation and Rhinoplasty. [See additional reading section below for more articles on Facelift and Rhinoplasty]cheek augmentation in manila

Two Methods of Cheek Augmentation

Fat Grafting

During your cheek augmentation by fat grafting, your own fat from other parts of your body (hips, belly or butt), is remove via a small needle. Those fat cells are then purified and injected into the depressed area. A local anesthetic is used for both the injection sites and the fat donor. Fat grafting is probably a popular option today, but an additional liposuction-like procedure is required to perform this.

You must also know that some areas of the body may not respond well to fat grafting. Following the procedure, discomfort, bruising and swelling can be experience. Only about 65 percent of the injected fat will be absorbed by your body during the first few months after the treatment, while 35 percent will remain. Because of this, many patients undergo series of treatments over the course of six months.

Cheek implants 

Aside from fat grafting, cheek implants are another option for restoring your youthful beauty more permanently. Cheek augmentation using implants is a procedure that can reduce the appearance of sagging skin and tissue by enhancing the contours of your midface section. Cheek implants can be customized according to your goals and needs. It also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Silicone implants are ideal for you if you want to add volume, create a lifting effect and add fullness to your cheek.

When placing the implants, small incisions are made in your cheek near your mouth to form a pocket for which the implant is to be inserted. The implant is then inserted into the pocket and positioned directly on or below your cheekbone. After that, the pockets are sutured shut. This procedure takes less than an hour and is performed under general anesthesia and an outpatient basis. If this is combined with other procedures, you may stay at the hospital overnight. The result is a more defined and youthful facial contour. 

Weighing your Options 

chin augmentation information

Beautiful results of cheek augmentation rely on your wise decisions and excellent surgical techniques. One wise decision you must make is what to choose between fat grafting and implants. If you are seeking a modest cheek augmentation and possess good fat donor areas, you are willing to accept unknown risks and the possibility of inconsistent results and lumpiness, then you can consider fat grafting.  Much is written about how to make the procedure more predictable but at present, it remains that implants are a far more reliable method.  

Lastly, the ultimate goal of cheek augmentation is to restore the youthfulness of your face. These two procedures, fat grafting and implants, require the artist’s eye and steady hand of an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. More often, the cause of complications is when an inexperienced surgeon tries to do too much with what your tissue and skin can give them (e.g. over tightening or repositioning and over use of fillers.) So make sure to do your homework first before selecting a plastic surgeon to perform your cheek augmentation or any other cosmetic procedures like Chin augmentation. 


Always look at the before and after photo galleries for chin or cheek augmentation , ask about financing information and read reviews. Most of these information are available to you, and I recommend to take enough time to ensure you have a clear understanding of what you and your surgeon’s expected results are and what is and isn’t possible.


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Brazilian Butt Lift in the Philippines

butt augmentationAlso known as butt augmentation and gluteal augmentation . 

At present the safest and most predictable way to enhance the contour and size of the gluteal area is by butt augmentation also know as gluteal augmentation. There are 2 types of buttocks augmentation, either by lifting using patients own fats or by surgical enlargement through an incision using preformed synthetic implant material.

The most common type of gluteal or buttocks augmentation is through a procedure called fat injection. This is also known as Brazilian Butt Lift, it involves and combines liposuction procedure around the buttocks area, such as the abdomen, thighs and back for the harvest of the fats. The fat is then process and purified before it is re-injected. This is why the procedure is also called fat transfer, fat injection and fat grafting.

Another way of enhancing the buttocks area is by the use of gluteal implants. This implants are much stronger than the usual breast implants, this made of an elastomer that does not leak. The implants are placed using a small incision through the fold between the gluteal cheek. It is placed between the gluteal muscles. And occupies the upper portion of the buttock. The incision scar will normally heal with the fold that is barely visible.

Any procedure be it surgical or not, has its inherent risks and complication. This is why, patients should be properly selected and thoroughly prepared prior to surgery be it a minor or major procedure. With this patient’s health is not compromise and results are maximize. For gluteal augmentation, the most common complication is seroma fluid accumulation. This is the fluid accumulation in the pocket were the implants were place. This may lead to dehiscence or gaping of the incision scar with leak of fluids. This may persist for weeks or months depending on the severity of the condition.

Any cosmetic procedure, like butt augmentation surgery involves many choices. The first and most important is selecting a surgeon. Your surgeon should have at least completed 5 to 7 years of surgical training. He or she is trained and experienced in all plastic surgery procedure, including breast, body, face and reconstruction. Your surgeon should be able to operate in accredited medical facilities. And most importantly he or she, should be board certified in his or her surgical specialty.

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Opt For A Facelift in Manila, Philippines – Cosmetic Tourism

facelift in manilaThere are a lot of  reputable plastic surgeons in the Asia, and in Manila alone. Even so it is not spared from ineffective surgeons as well. If you’re preparing to get a facelift in Manila, more than consulting a board certified plastic surgeon, it also helps to understand all the details concerning the process.

A facelift can be regarded as a typical procedure. Presently there are a great deal of individuals, men and women alike and of varying ages, who’re becoming much more open to the idea of going under the knife just to look a lot younger. These days, not just celebrities are becoming much more vain about their appearances and wanting to turn out to be youthful searching.

Nevertheless as typical as facelift in Manila is, it still seems that there are people who are now mindful of the pointers that they would need to understand initial even prior to consulting having a surgeon. So for those who’re interested in undergoing a Manila facelift or any comparable surgical process, here are just a few issues which you need to keep in mind prior to agreeing to get on the operating table.

To begin, make a list of all of your concerns regarding the procedure and the post-operative care. Particularly if it is going to become your initial time, you need to think about the recovery procedure, and whether or not or not it is going to effect your job or your daily routine. Second of all, compile also a list of questions that you’re going to ask the surgeon about his career and credibility. Ask for the files of all his prior successful cases and ask in the event you could get in touch with a minimal of one of them to ask for a testimonial. If the surgeon declines, be suspicious.

Thirdly, ask an estimate of just how much the procedure is going to cost you, starting from the pre-operative care to the post-operative care and upkeep. Whilst different states have different rates, Check for typical rates for each procedure. So make sure that you’re aware from the figures so you won’t be surprised at how expensive it might turn out.

Lastly, make sure that you are a hundred percent sure at what you are going to complete and you comprehend very well the potential risks. It’s the surgeon’s job to explain to you each detail, advantages, disadvantages, and dangers from the process to make certain which you know what you’re getting yourself into. So do not be afraid to ask questions and usually demand for an honest answer. If you’re really sure about obtaining a Manila facelift, then you’ll need to double verify everything prior to settling on a particular surgeon.

If you want a head start on reputable plastic surgeons in Manila, you are able to verify out online and see a number of good clinics that you could visit.

While it’s growing to be nearly an daily thing these days that an additional celebrity or a next-door neighbor has undergone plastic surgery, it should not mean which you should be much less cautious. If anything, you should take additional precaution.
We really want to provide you with very good information regarding specific types of cosmetic surgical procedures so do give us some comments and suggestions or inquiries.

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